For the fifth time the Spurs managed to retain the title. A fierce battle against the defending champion Miami Heat brought victory. The match ended with a beautifully by the Spurs by a score of 104-87. Some players like Kawhi Leonard managed to make double points up to 22 times and rebounding 10 times.
At the start of the actual game is way behind the Spurs in points 29-22. But in the second quarter, the Spurs played well and the team finally managed to be superior to halftime. By the time the third quarter, the Spurs players can continue to improve performance by scoring 30 points ahead. Although the Miami Heat continue to make efforts to follow the position of the Spurs in the final quarter, but all ultimately failed. 104-87 victory became a very good effort for the Spurs.
Miami Heat actually played pretty well, even the star player LeBron James also scored high enough. He gathered his collection to 31 points and 10 rebounds times make. However Miami Heat game is not balanced by other players so it is difficult to catch the Spurs figure. Spurs victory this time has been eagerly anticipated by all Spurs fans. Spurs is favourite to win the NBA title with Sbobet.